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Summeiya Khamissa

At camp since: 2014

Favourite activity:  Aunty Nina's food

Favourite colour: Yellow

Group: G1

Nimet Gato

At Camp Deen since:  2010

Favourite Activity: Waterfront & Sports

Favourite Colour: Violet

Group: G1

Faezah Faruqui

At Camp Deen since:  2010

Favourite Activity: Morning meeting 

Favourite Colour: Garnet

Group: G2

Layla Noor

At Camp Deen since:  2014

Favourite Activity:  Camp Game

Favourite Colour:  Red

Group: G2

Naadia Faruqui

At Camp Deen since:  2010

Favourite Activity: Fajr Challenge

Favourite Colour: Canary Yellow

Group: G3

Nadeen Awad

At Camp Deen since:  2017

Favourite Activity: Nature

Favourite Colour:  Green

Group: G3

Bibi Henson

At Camp Deen since:  2008

Favourite Activity: Waterfront & Arts + Crafts

Favourite Colour:  Spindrift Blue

Group: G4

Marwa Mohammad

At Camp Deen since:  2017

Favourite Activity: Arts & Crafts

Favourite Colour: Peach

Group: G4

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Ali Estrada

At Camp Deen since:  2009

Favourite Activity: Olympic Day

Favourite Colour:  Aquamarine

Group: B1

Hamza Rustom

At Camp Deen since:  2011


Favourite Activity: Waterfront


Favourite Colour:  Purple

Group: B1

Mirad Meer

At Camp Deen since:  2009

Favourite Activity: Nature

Favourite Colour:  Teal

Group: B2

Muhammed Bayat

At Camp Deen since:  2013


Favourite Activity:  Arts + Crafts


Favourite Colour: Magenta

Group: B2

Saf Faruqui

At Camp Deen since:  2007

Favourite Activity: Social Hour

Favourite Colour: SaFphire

Group: B3

Tahmid Razzak

At Camp Deen since: 2018

Favourite Activity: Sports

Favourite Colour: Pink

Group: B3

Shakoor Henson

At Camp Deen since:  2008

Favourite Activity: Social Hour

Favourite Colour:  Orange

Group: B4

Daanyal Chaudry

At Camp Deen since:  2016


Favourite Activity: Night hike 


Favourite Colour:  Lime Green

Group: B4

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