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Camp Deen was founded in 1973 when the first few Muslim immigrants in Toronto longed for a wholesome camp experience for their children. Below is a timeline of Camp Deen's history researched and compiled by Camp Deen's very own, Uncle Murray, author of Minarets on the Horizon; a historic account of the Muslim Pioneers of Canada.

Over the course of 50 years, Camp Deen has grown an inter-generational network of kindred Canadian-Muslims with a shared goal of serving God and leading our children. Many of our volunteers and staff were former campers themselves, and many campers are children of former campers --some are even children of former campers that met at Camp Deen!

With God's help, we look forward to growing and improving Camp Deen in as many ways as possible for future years and generations to come.

2023 is Camp Deen's 50th anniversary! We are so proud to still be running as a grassroots, non-profit, community-led summer camp for Canadian-Muslim children to feel a sense of community, friendship, and practice their spirituality in a safe, beautiful environment. August 20-26th, 2023 will be a great year Insha'Allah!

(Nadine, Nina, and Dean's father)

Weekly congregational prayers were held on Sunday instead of the traditional Jummah because the first few Torontonan Muslims could not get time off of work or school

In 1957, the Muslim Society of Toronto was formed. They held Eid prayers in a restaurant/reception hall owned by one of its members until...

An old camp flyer from 1977! Camp Deen was called "Othman Camp" at the earlier years

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