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These are frequently asked questions that may help you answer your concerns or inquiries about Camp Deen. For questions that have not been answered here, please contact us and we will be happy to answer as soon as possible.  

Are the camp meals halal?

Camp Deen provides 3 meals a day to campers to campers as well as snacks in between. All food provided is Halal and prepared by professional kitchen staff. Meal accommodations are made for those with allergies or illnesses. 

For more inquiries, contact Nina Karachi-Khaled at


How can I be ensured that my kids are safe at Camp Deen?

With 24 hour counsellors, senior staff and night watch supervision, we can assure that campers are being taken care of. Along with constant supervision, we have on call nurses and lifeguards always on the camp site to ensure everyone is safe.


How is Islam incorporated into Camp Deen? 

At Camp Deen we strive to instill Islamic morals and character into campers. We revolve our schedule around the five daily prayers and have religion classes with the Imam everyday, where kids are encouraged to inquire and learn more about Islam.


For more information, contact Timothy Gianotti, our camp spiritual leader, at


What types of activities would the campers partake in?

Campers would be doing activities such as Arts and Crafts, camp games and sports, swimming at the waterfront, nature walks, campfires, as well as religion classes with Imam. Camp Deen runs on a daily schedule that allows us to stay organized while still allowing every day to be packed with fun!

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