Uncle Murray

Known as “Uncle Murray” for decades at camp, I am an avid historian, outdoorsman and writer.

I used to volunteer in leading the canoeing program but now focus on arts and crafts. In recent years I have been working on incorporating leatherwork and ceramics into the arts program.

My wife and I have sent our three children to camp, and now I bring my four grandchildren. I believe so strongly in the need for a moderate and safe Muslim camp experience for children and youths.


I have been active with Muslim groups since 1959 and served as secretary to two of them.   

Nina Karachi-Khaled

I am overjoyed to dedicate myself to this beautiful project.


I have been the Camp Registrar and banker all year and while at camp will busy myself as the kitchen supervisor and camp Mom. Every camp needs a Mom and I'm happy to say that I'll have lots of company of other Moms this year. But that's OK because everyone needs a little extra care.


My 3 kids will be joining me at Camp Deen as well as so many of my extended family. Looking forward to making happy memories as we try our best to improve our Islam through this beautiful experience.

Adnan Qayyum

I started attending camp when I was 12 years old, first as a camper and later as a counselor.  I have so many fond memories from camping days; the activities, the beautiful camp setting and the friendships formed.

I’ll help coordinate the sports activities at Camp Deen.  I’m a father of 4 and am delighted that my 2 older kids will attend as campers this year.

Ahmet Karachi

I was a camper all my life and learned the special bonding of friendship at Muslim camp.


My 2 boys will be joining me at camp and I hope they develop the same life long friendships that I did having this experience.


I'll be on Night Patrol at camp, making sure everyone is safe at night and taking care of any emergencies during the week.

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Nadine Karachi-Estrada

I love Camp Deen. 

Muslim camp is in my blood. 

I began as a camper at Camp Al-My-Mee-Neen when I was 6 years old. I have participated for nearly 30 years in Muslim camping programs and am proud to be part of this refinement of all, Camp Deen. 


I love the fact that at Camp Deen we bring a progressive Islamic touch to all that we do from Arts & Crafts to our chanting to the way we treat our environment.  I truly believe that the future of Islam lies in the hands of groups like ours. A forward- thinking Islam that emphasizes respect, equality & love. 


I am of Bosnian & Turkish heritage and a proud member of the Sufi community of Mexico City, where I live with my husband & 2 kids. I am the Honorary Consul of Bosnia and Herzegovina for Mexico. 

I look forward to working with you & your family at Camp Deen. 

Ashraf Meer

I first attended Camp at 12, and though I was homesick every day up until the end that first week, I have never found an environment that was more welcoming and validating for a Muslim kid in the West.


My own kids have been coming to camp for the last 8 years and through them, I have seen how camp gives them confidence and support.  Not only as Muslims, but in everything they do. 


This year, I will be teaching the kids to tie knots, build a raft, catch a fish, and build a fire.  More importantly, I will be making every effort to make sure each kid learns something, makes friends, and has fun.

Timothy Gianotti

Dr. Timothy J. Gianotti is a scholar of classical Islamic theology, philosophy, and spirituality with strong interests in Islamic Psychology, Ethics, Moral Theology, Education, Political Thought, and comparative mysticism; he is also a theologian and committed interfaith advocate with hands-on experience promoting interfaith engagement around the globe. With more than twenty years of university-level teaching experience in the US and Canada, he has served as an associate professor at the University of Waterloo in Canada, the Director of Islamic Studies at the American Islamic College in Chicago, the York-Noor Chair of Islamic Studies at York University (Canada), and as an assistant professor of Arabic & Islamic Thought at the University of Virginia, the University of Oregon, and Penn State University. He currently resides in Toronto, where he serves as the founder and principal teacher of the Islamic Institute for Spiritual Formation, and commutes to Chicago, where he serves as the Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs/Provost at the American Islamic College.

He is the author of two books - Al-Ghazali's Unspeakable Doctrine of the Soul (Leiden: E.J. Brill, 2001) and In the Light of a Blessed Tree: Illuminations of Islamic Belief, Practice, and History (Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock Publishers, 2011) - in addition to a range of scholarly articles, book chapters, and theological essays considering contemporary issues as well as traditional topics, such as the inner (psycho-spiritual) processes of moral beautification (iḥsān) and character formation within a traditional Islamic framework.

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Summeiya Khamisa

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Yaseen Khaled

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Aishah Khan

I've been coming to camp since 2007. I never knew how fun Muslim camp could be and it changed my life! I've made the best friends I could ask for here and experienced so much joy. My favorite camp ectivities are are social hour, waterfront and campfire.

I was a camper, counsellor, lifeguard and now I'm so excited to returning as a junior leader. 

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