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Summeiya Khamissa


Aishah Khan

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Yaseen Khaled

Hello and salaams! My name is Summeiya and I’ve been attending Camp Deen since 2014. The community here helped shape my relationship with Islam and navigate who I am as a Muslim as well allowing me to make lifelong friendships. Outside of camp, I work as an educator for students across Ontario and I’m passionate about equitable education. My favourite camp activity is seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces when they re-unite with their friends on the very first day.

I've been coming to camp since 2007. I never knew how fun Muslim camp could be and it changed my life! I've made the best friends I could ask for here and experienced so much joy. My favourite camp activities are social hour, waterfront and campfire.​

I was a camper, counsellor, lifeguard and now Director, and I look forward to taking on Nature in 2022!

Salaams! My name is Yaseen and I’ve been attending Camp Deen since the year 2000. I found the community and experience helped me carve a Canadian Muslim identity in my day to day life. In addition I found an appreciation for nature, camping and public speaking. Outside of camp I am a Regional Territory Manager for Dell Technologies in Western Canada managing an enterprise storage business. My favorite part about camp is seeing campers develop throughout the week, coming out of their shell and sharing their personalities. I can’t wait to make Camp Deen at Eden in 2022 the best camp ever.



Nadine Karachi-Estrada

Nina Karachi-Khaled

I am overjoyed to dedicate myself to this beautiful project.

I have been the Camp Registrar and banker for many years, and while at camp I will busy myself as the kitchen supervisor and camp Mom. Every camp needs a Mom! Everyone needs a little extra care. Looking forward to making happy memories as we try our best to improve our Islam through this beautiful experience.

Muslim camp is in my blood. I began as a camper when I was 6 years old. I have participated for nearly 30 years in Muslim camping programs and am proud to be part of this refinement of all, Camp Deen. I love the fact that at Camp Deen we bring a progressive Islamic touch to all that we do from Arts & Crafts to our chanting to the way we treat our environment. I truly believe that the future of Islam lies in the hands of groups like ours. A forward- thinking Islam that emphasizes respect, equality & love. I look forward to working with you & your family at Camp Deen.


Uncle Murray

Known as “Uncle Murray” for decades at camp, I am an avid historian, outdoorsman and writer.

I used to volunteer in leading the canoeing program but now focus on arts and crafts. In recent years I have been working on incorporating leatherwork and ceramics into the arts program. My wife and I have sent our three children to camp, and now I bring my four grandchildren. I believe so strongly in the need for a moderate and safe Muslim camp experience for children and youths. I have been active with Muslim groups since 1959 and served as secretary to two of them.  


Ashraf Meer

I first attended Camp at 12, and though I was homesick every day up until the end that first week, I have never found an environment that was more welcoming and validating for a Muslim kid in the West. My own kids have been coming to camp for years, and I have seen how camp gives them confidence and support.  Not only as Muslims, but in everything they do.  At camp, I teach the kids how to tie knots, build a raft, catch a fish, and build a fire.  More importantly, I do my best to make sure that each kid learns something, makes friends, and has fun.


Ahmet Karachi

I was a camper all my life and learned the special bonding of friendship at Muslim camp. My 2 boys often join me at camp and they have developed the same life long friendships that I did having this experience. I'm on Night Patrol at camp, making sure everyone is safe at night and taking care of any emergencies during the week.

Adnan 2013.png

Adnan Qayyum

I've been going to camp since I was 12. I have so many fond memories of friendships formed at camp while learning about the beautiful outdoors. I'm a father of four, and my kids love camp. They call it "the funnest week of the year". I'm also known as AdnanSportsMan, because I run sports and camp games at Camp.


Timothy Gianotti

Dr. Timothy J. Gianotti is our Imam, or spiritual leader, at Camp Deen. He is a scholar of classical Islamic theology, philosophy, and spirituality with strong interests in Islamic Psychology, Ethics, Moral Theology, Education, Political Thought, and comparative mysticism; he is also a theologian and committed interfaith advocate with hands-on experience promoting interfaith engagement around the globe. 

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