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We strive to give the kids a safe, fun and wholesome week of learning about Nature, Islam, and themselves. 


Camp is a chance for Muslim boys and girls to share outdoor activities under the umbrella of Islam while learning to be proud of being a Muslim.


We are creating a fun and safe space for Muslim kids, but we are also creating a safe space for alternative and progressive interpretations of Islam.  We do not see Islam as a fixed set of rules and practices, but a living practice that we are constantly seeking to improve and redefine.  We welcome Muslims of any school or practice without judgement, though we do not seek to conform our practice to any established madhab or school of thought. 


Our guiding principles:


1. God is one

2. The prophet Muhammed (peace be with him) was a mortal man who conveyed a true revelation.

3. All Human beings are equal in God’s eyes.

4. Practice and belief are issues of personal choice.

5. Civility and respect of others are necessary requirements in a community.

7. Perfection is reserved for God.

8. We know God best through HIS creations.

9. God’s voice can be heard in any language and in many religious traditions.

10. While we are Muslims and follow Muslim practice, we believe our community includes ALL people who seek to help others and create peace.


Here, Muslim kids can feel accepted without the need to present a public face.  We do not preach Islam, it's who we are, and the kids are here for fun.

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