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A little friendly competition

At Camp Deen sports are for everyone! The emphasis is on fun, good sportsmanship, teamwork and exercise.  The week culminates in a mini-Olympics that combines sporting skills, teamwork, competition and fun.

Our new campsite features even more facilities for sports!


Practice your faith in a safe space

Our intention is to show Muslim kids growing up in Canada & the USA that Islam is a simple and relevant faith and  way of life that is in harmony with the world around them. For many of these kids, camp is the only time when they receive instruction and guidance in Islam, so we don’t turn them off by being judgmental or confrontational.



Learning valuable outdoor survival skills

In today's digital world, kids rarely have an opportunity to build something from scratch.  In camp crafts, campers learn to use what they can find, work with their hands and tools (properly supervised), and work as a team to make something useful.


Be one with the outdoors

This year, Camp Deen will be held at a new site: Christie Lake. With 88 acres of lakefront property and equipment for any outdoor experience, the camp facilities provide an excellent setting for everything from team sports to bonfires. 


ARTS & Crafts

Embrace your creative side.

Our experienced volunteer art instructors lead our campers in art projects that give them experience with new materials and skills to make crafts that reflect Islamic culture and traditions.

Wait till you see the new art 

facilities at our new campsite!

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